It’s heating up, are you ready for summer?

Ozark Foam InSEALators covered why spray foam insulation is beneficial in the winter months, and of course now that the weather is getting warmer, we need to talk about why it works wonders against the summer heat.  We are all excited about enjoying outdoor BBQ’s, swimming, and all the summer fun, but also feel the stress that comes from increased cooling costs.   Finding a balance between budget and comfort is a problem for many homeowners.

New or old, every building and home is susceptible to gaps and cracks that can leak out that expensive cool air, and let hot air come inside, forcing your AC unit into overdrive.   With spray foam insulation from Ozark InSEALators, your home can fill in those gaps and give you peace of mind.   Attics and crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to wasting your energy, which is why we make sure to come out and inspect every property for specific spots that standard insulation cannot fix, or may have been missed in the past.

When you make sure to address an attic with spray foam insulation, you now have a more efficient product that carries a lifetime warranty.  You will no longer have to worry about your heated or cooled air rapidly escaping through a non-airtight insulation.  Foam insulation never has to be added to and retains its air tight seal and high R-value through the lifetime of the home.  With reduced entry of allergens such as pollen, dust and dirt, lower utility bills, added value to your home and a more comfortable living environment, spray foam is an excellent option to update almost any home.