50% of energy loss is typically consumed through the attic, making your attic the most important area of focus when updating your home’s insulation.  One way to drastically lower energy loss is to have Ozark Foam upgrade your home’s attic insulation to spray foam insulation.

With the option to spray on your sheetrock (vented attic) or when applying the spray foam insulation to your roofline (non-vented), you are still receiving a more comfortable and energy efficient home.  By having us come on-site and evaluate your home, we can guide you in the correct direction on whether to have your flat attic or roofline sprayed.  Factors such as furnace location and efficiency, roof pitch, accessibility, ductwork location, preference of homeowner, safety factors, etc all come into play when choosing the best option for you home.

When retrofitting any existing attic, our first step is to remove the existing attic insulation.  This is a necessity to ensure good air quality and safety to you and your home in the future.  Without this step, poor adhesion, poor air quality, the buildup of humidity and lower than normal performance gains will occur.

By spraying your attic with spray foam insulation, you now have a more efficient product that carries a lifetime warranty.  You will no longer have to worry about your heated or cooled air rapidly escaping through a non-airtight insulation.  Foam insulation never has to be added to and retains its air tight seal and high R-value through the lifetime of the home.  With reduced entry of allergens such as pollen, dust and dirt, lower utility bills, added value to your home and a more comfortable living environment, spray foam is an excellent option to update almost any home.

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