What are some of the benefits of insulating my crawl space with spray foam insulation?

  • Reduction of air infiltration
  • More comfortable living environment
  • Warmer floors
  • Lower utility bills
  • Ability to retain heated and cooled air longer

How is this accomplished?

Crawl space homes allow air to infiltrate through the subfloor and out through the ceiling.  By air sealing your crawl space with spray foam insulation you have now slowed down the movement of exterior air through your home.  If air cannot enter through the floor, it is a lot harder for it to exit through the ceiling, resulting in a tighter home with fewer drafts.

The next benefit is the elimination of thermal transfer.  If you have a tile or wood floor, you know that it can be freezing in the cooler months.  By applying foam to the underside of the floor, you can now expect the floor temperature to be within a few degrees of the house temperature year round.

While spraying the crawl space floors, we also spray the rim band/joist to insulate the cold wood there. This helps control crawl space temperatures and provides an insulated area where potentially your HVAC register boots are located to lessen the heat loss there. This methodology typically has no effect whatsoever on termite protection and inspections.

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