New Construction Homes


When planning for your new home, let us take a look at your construction plans.  We will provide you a ballpark number for budgeting purposes.  When the home is framed, we will come on-site and provide you with a firm quote. We would like to walk you through the foaming process in regards to your home and how you would like to use it.

Achieve 40-60% decrease in heating/cooling utility bills and typically receive a payback on the additional investment in 2.5 to 3 years.  Realize the cost savings of a thermal envelope that will provide a truly efficient home in the REAL WORLD.  Performance values rivaling R-40+ fiberglass…even in the exterior walls.  No longer do you need to pile up a foot or two of blown insulations to get high performance in your structure.

Eliminate the mold and mildew commonly developed within other insulation materials by eliminating the possibility of the condensation that mold requires to thrive.  Eliminate energy-robbing convection currents within your walls and overhead assemblies.

Cut your lumber bill: Unless 2×6 wall studs are necessary for structural reasons, use 2×4 studs for your exteriors walls and 3.5” of foam insulation for a very efficient wall assembly.  Of course, you can pocket the savings on lumber immediately.

Scale down your HVAC equipment to take advantage of the thermal efficiency of foam.  Contact your HVAC subcontractor and advise them you want to use sprayed-in-place foam insulation.  They can recalculate your HVAC loads and the equipment needed.  Reductions of 30% in equipment sizes are common when using spray foam insulation.