Metal Buildings, Metal Homes & Quonset Huts


Why use foam in your metal structure?

  • Easier to heat or cool
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Added structural strength
  • Reduces noise levels inside and out
  • More stable/constant temperature
  • Reduces entry of unwanted dust, pests, pollen and birds
  • Lifetime guarantee against shrinkage, breakdown and fall down
  • Eliminates bubble wrap/vinyl back insulation; we spray directly to the metal

METAL BUILDINGS & QUONSET HUTS become usable year round when spray foam is applied to the interior shell of the building.  With multiple options, we can customize your building insulation to fit your needs; including: open or closed cell foam, thickness/R-values, foam that is paintable once applied, etc.

METAL HOMES coupled with spray foam insulation are some of the most efficient and comfortable homes being built today.  We are able to spray an almost seamless layer of high efficiency insulation throughout the home (walls, gables, and roofline). This results in very little thermal loss and almost no air infiltration. The most common problem in metal homes with traditional air permeable insulations is condensation forming on the metal and collecting, potentially promoting mold growth. Spray foam insulation when properly applied eliminates condensation. The end result is a home with low heating and cooling costs, reduced allergen entry, and a more comfortable and constant living environment.

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