Spray Foam Insulation and Solar Homes

With the cost of solar power dropping dramatically in the past decade, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for people looking to save money on their utility bills with clean, renewable energy.   According to Fortune Magazine, these prices are expected to continue dropping:

“Solar will become the cheapest source to produce power in many countries over the next 15 years, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Part of the cheap solar power will be unleashed because the cost of installing solar panels at big solar farms and on rooftops will drop 60% to an estimated average of around four cents per kilowatt hour by 2040, the report said. That’s cheaper than coal and natural gas power in many regions.”

To get a double-whammy in clean energy savings, homeowners with solar power are also looking to add spray foam insulation to improve their home’s efficiency.   As OzarkFoam has previously reported, spray foam insulation can save a lot of energy and prevent leaks, which also helps with equipment longevity by reducing the strain on HVAC units.

Combined with a solar energy system, spray foam insulation will make your home or building a cutting-edge, green energy machine.  Many utility companies also allow solar panel users to sell energy back into the grid.  If your solar system produces more energy than you are using, you can make money!   Spray foam insulation can play a key component in helping you reduce costs, earn money, and help protect the environment by using renewable energy.