Spray Foam Insulation and your HVAC System

How properly insulating your house can make your HVAC last longer!

As homeowner’s, one of the biggest concerns is our expensive HVAC systems going out.   They can be very costly to replace or repair, and while you wait for a functioning HVAC system, you will have an uncomfortable living environment.  The last thing you want during the dog days of summer is to have your AC go out.  Ozark Foam InSEALators and our spray foam insulation helps your HVAC run more efficiently and lasts longer.

When a house or building has gaps or leaky spots, the strain on your HVAC can be high.   Instead of heating/cooling just the house, you are paying big utility bills to heat or cool the outside air.  What a waste!   The HVAC will run at full capacity just trying to keep up.   You wouldn’t leave a window open on a hot day with the HVAC on, so why would you leave gaps in your home?

Changing the HVAC air filter and doing scheduled maintenance is something we all do (or should be doing).  There is no need to put extra strain on the HVAC unit.   Spray foam insulation by Ozark Foam InSEALators helps fill up the gaps, leaks, and hidden crevices that traditional insulation cannot get to.