Moisture Problems in your Home or Building

How spray foam insulation can save you a lot of future headache

Going far beyond the benefits of energy efficiency, spray foam insulation can help reduce moisture, mold, and rot.   These common issues are one of the main threats to a building’s long-term viability, and often can be hidden from plain sight.  Over the years, small moisture problems because big issues that can lead to expensive repairs.

When you make the choice to add spray foam insulation to your home or building, you will get moisture reduction benefits from spray foam’s ability to:

  • Keep surface temperature regulated, reducing condensation
  • Act as a vapor barrier
  • Does not absorb water, even if submerged
  • Work well in below-grade locations, like basements and other areas prone to water moisture

Contact Ozark Foam InSEALators for a free estimate.   Spray foam insulation will help reduce your energy bills AND give you peace of mind because you know that your home or building has the best chance of fighting hidden moisture damage.